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The Ann Arbor M14 Noise Pollution Campaign is a passionate group of locals trying to regain peace in our neighborhood.  The stretch of M14 from US 23 to I 94 is unusually loud, causing immense noise pollution.  The noise is affecting the local nature area, elementary school, and surrounding neighborhoods.  Noise levels can reach 90-100 dB at the Wines elementary playground, which can cause permanent hearing loss ( The road is unusually loud because it was originally constructed in the 1960s with an incorrect mixture of concrete, resulting in a "hard top" that loudly hums with traffic.  Unfortunately, the road condition is so poor that MDOT cannot use noise mitigation measure like diamond grinding due to the risk of further deterioration.  A road repair project in 2016 made the noise problem WORSE by subdividing damaged concrete slabs, adding joints between old and new concrete that cause a rumble strip effect.  MDOT is now planning the same kind of patchwork repair in 2023 without any noise mitigation measures, and MDOT acknowledges this could further increase the noise to our community.  Now is the time to act by lobbying MDOT and our elected representatives to address this problem by resurfacing the road in 2023!

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