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April 19, 2021

Update on M14 Noise Campaign. Hello neighbors, Thanks again for your interest in the M14 noise campaign. We've recently seen some positive signs of raising awareness at MDOT. I reached out to the COO of MDOT about our petition with 465 signatures, and he asked the lead engineer of MDOT's University Region to investigate.

After that investigation, the lead engineer shared the following info with me:

- MDOT recognizes this is a significant problem with M14 and parts of US-23

- The physical condition of M14 is so bad that MDOT cannot or will not use diamond grinding due to the risk of deterioration.

- MDOT wants to resurface or completely reconstruct M14, but that would cost nearly $20 million which they don't currently have. All MDOT funds have been allocated up to 2026 or beyond.

- The repair project scheduled for 2023 is currently slated to be similar patchwork to what was done in 2016, costing about $2 million. MDOT recognizes this will likely increase noise as happened in 2016 by increasing the number of joints and transitions between old and new concrete slabs. Bad news.

- There is a glimmer of hope. If Congress passes the infrastructure bill and provides funds that can be used for state highway projects like this, then resurfacing/reconstructing M14 will be a high priority for MDOT. The lead engineer is specifically hoping for this.

What we need from you: Keep up the writing campaign! Please write to Rep. Dingell, Senator Stabenow, and Senator Peters regarding your support for infrastructure funding for the purpose of major repairs/reconstruction of deteriorating state highways in Michigan (specifically M14).

Contact info is below:

If you haven't already, please submit your support for resurfacing M14 through MDOT's public comment form:

Leave the first question "select a corridor (choose one)" blank because M14 isn't listed, and go straight to the comment area. Specifically mention "University Region: M-14 from I-94 to US-23BR" at the beginning.

Update On Noise Campaign: News
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